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Company Profile

Arrling was formed in 2010 to design and build dip coating systems for the electronics industry located throughout the world.  These machines make up the Autocoat range of coating systems.  This product range is continually expanding as the machine is reconfigured to suit an expanding range of applications.

The philosophy of the company is to manufacture simple, but efficient machines that require the minimal amount of maintenance, therefore reducing production downtime and maintenance costs. The employee’s of the company have many years experience of machine design and building, and by utilising this expertise Arrling Ltd has achieved their aim with the Autocoat machines.

Arrling Ltd successfully supplies the increasing demand for quality, well engineered and reliable machines.  There are two standard specification machines that provide process envelopes that cater for most product sizes.  If we don't have a standard system to fulfil your requirements, we will design and build a bespoke system to suit your requirements.