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Autocoat 2000

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Cost effective – low energy use.

Designed for the electronics industry – 3U and 6U eurocard size catered for in one machine.

Designed for use with 3M™ Novec™ EGC-1700 and Acota Certonal® FC-742coating fluids.  For further information on the range of 3M Novec Coating Fluids please visit the 3M microsite at

Easily adapted to suit other fluids.

Fully Automated process.

Frost free refrigerated coils.

Small foot print.

Simple operator interface.

Safe low voltage electrical system – virtually all 24vdc.

Process doors monitored.

CE certified.

Custom made system available – contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it detailing your requirements.

The coating process

The Autocoat dip coating system provides full immersion coating followed by a drying process in a frost free cooled area. The coating and drying process is contained within the same tank which is fitted with a user configurable filtration system.  The basket is moved through the process chamber and dwells at the relevant process stages, controlled by the integrated logic controller and fully adjustable utilising the touch screen.  Solvent vapour recovered from the drying process is condensed by the cooling coil, and is either collected in a distillate vessel, or passed through a water separator and returned back into the process tank.

Autocoat 2000 Spec Sheet

Services Required
Electrical Supply 100-240v 50/60Hz 10A
Machine Data
Usable basket size (L x W x D) 450 x 300 x 300mm
Machine dimensions (H x W x D) 2625 x 982 x 952mm inc feet
Tank fluid capacity (L) 60
Eurocard size* Single, double, special
Single eurocard (3U) 600
Double eurocard (6U) 300
Key lockable doors (not process) Yes
Optional Water seperator Yes
Process data
Automated process cycle Yes
Standard basket included Yes
Automatic tank filtration Yes
Pumped drain Yes
Standard condensate vessel 5 litres
Automated level controls
Fluid level ok Yes
Add more fluid Yes
Tank drained Yes
Condensate vessel full Yes
Touch Screen
Process time access Yes
Fill/Drain functions Yes
Machine monitoring Yes
Alarm messages Yes
Password protection Yes
Optional condensate vessel Yes 66 litres
Optional baskets available Yes
Fault light Yes
Solids check equipment Yes
Mainenance equipment Yes
Ethernet connection Yes
PLC controller type Yes

* 3U eurocard size 100 x 160mm. 6U eurocard size 233.5 x 160mm
** Standard product cycle time 6 minutes, 15mm basket pitch, no PCB segregation
*** Maximum manual handling weight limit 10kg at elbow height – source HSE

Modifications and improvements to Arrling machines are introduced from time to time as a result of our policy of continuous development. Consequently all designs and specifications quoted must be regarded as subject to change.