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Welcome to Arrling Ltd

Arrling Ltd designs and manufactures coating machines for the electronics industry.

The product range includes the Autocoat dip coating system. Designed for applying a fluoropolymer surface modifier coating onto printed circuit boards in a controlled process envelope.

It is a modular design that is easily reconfigured to suit different applications and industries.

Working closely with chemical suppliers and manufacturers we are committed to a program of continuous development to provide equipment for the latest available fluids. Combined with this we work closely with our clients to ensure that the equipment and services we provide offer opportunities for productivity and/or process improvement, enhanced quality and process cost reduction.

If your business involves coating products, then contact Arrling Ltd to see how our range of equipment can improve the quality of your products, as well as increasing your profitability.

If you require further information or you have a project that we may be able to help with please contact Arrling Limited on: +44(0)7802 698 014

The Revolutionary Autocoat system.
Designed for the electronics industry. 3U and 6U eurocard size catered for in one machine.
Designed for use with 3M™ Novec™ EGC-1700 & Acota Certonal® FC-742 coating fluids.